How to Gift A Gardener

Photo of glove holding flowerWhen It Comes to Gardening Tools Gardeners Know What They Want

In fact, when it comes to the best garden tools — the best pruning saw, the best garden knife, or the best garden fork — gardeners usually already HAVE everything they need. Gardeners love shopping for seeds, plants and tools. They know what they need to start each growing season — and usually they’ve already purchased the garden supplies and tools they need. That’s great, of course. But what’s left to buy for your gardener? Photo credit: AstroGremlin

To Gift a Gardener You Must Discover the Extraordinary

Gardeners know all about the ordinaryYou can take a risk and gift a gardener a variety of plant seeds that he or she doesn’t usually plant. Or a tool that all gardeners have. This approach can backfire. Your gardener may well know all about that variety or that tool and has decided against it.

Opinel French Gardening Tools Are Extraordinary

Opinel gardening tools Old fashioned classic design includes a smart blade locking mechanism introduced in the 1950s. Opinel knives and saws are equipped with a unique locking ring that holds the blade open (or closed).

Americans Are Discovering the Opinel Brand

Manufactured in France Since 1890

FranceFrance, a land of gardening tradition gave rise to a simple pocket knife that was easy to sharpen, low cost, and reliable. America doesn’t have an equivalent. The Bowie knife is hardly appropriate for gardeners. The Barlow knife comes close but it’s just a regular pocketknife. The Opinel was a true innovation.

The only change to the award-winning design was the addition of the Opinel locking ring in the 1950s. With a twist, the collar ring locks the Opinel folding knife open. When the knife is folded closed, the locking ring keeps the knife locked shut.

Opinel knives and tools are sold in stores in France on bulk displays. The French probably see the Opinel the way Americans see the old fashioned Barlow knife. They are inexpensive, at least for now. The French-made Opinel has been adopted by a growing group of American collectors and those who “mod” the Opinel by engraving and finishing the handles, and even grinding down the blades. For more detail on Opinel garden tools with photos, read on.

Ultimate Gardener Gift: The Best Pruners Made

Felco Pruners are available in many countries

Here’s THE greatest ENGLISH gardener’s tool.

Felco FEL2 Model 2 Original Secateurs BEST model IMHO

“Excusez moi. Je suis Francais. Je vouderai examiner cette chose.” Pas de probleme! FELCO OBSTBAU U GARTENSCHERE NR 2 CHECK PRICE “Entschuldige mich, ich bin ein Berliner. Kein Problem! Felco shears No.2 “Hold on, those “secateurs” look like great pruning shears. But I’m an American. Can I get them in the states?” You sure can!

Gardeners Around the World Recognize the Value of Felco PrunersFelso pruners

I own a pair of Felco #2 pruning shears and recommend them. I grow apple trees and went through several other pruning shears before I discovered Felco. Felco is the gold standard. They are Swiss and are more expensive. There are good reasons for that and Felco pruners are the kind of gift your gardener will cherish for a lifetime. In the first moments that I used the Felco pruners, the sheer joy of pruning everything from large branches to tiny twigs let me know I had made a good buy. The combination of light aluminum alloy grips and hardened steel blades give the gardener real pruning power. Sharp blades make clean cuts, so that plant sap vessels are not crushed — clean cuts are better for plants and keeps cut flowers alive longer. Tip: Use a small pad of very fine grit sandpaper (# 400 sandpaper is perfect) to keep your Felco pruners sharp and spray them with WD-40 after use on sappy plants. Caveat: The fine carbon steel of the Felco blade and bypass jaw WILL rust. That’s a good thing, and when you gift a gardener they will know they need to trade a little care for the privilege of using fine carbon steel pruners. The aluminum alloy handles and stainless metal spring won’t rust. Overall, the care required is minimal and amounts to: Don’t leave your pruners out in the rain. Amazon Affiliates Who Would Like to Market to the World? Check out this article.

French Farmers and Gardeners Use Opinel Tools

Opinel Garden Tools

And have for more than a century

Opinel Pruning Knife

Perfect for grape and fruit tree gardeners. 4 1/4 inches closed. Carbon steel blade with crowned hand hallmark etching. Beechwood handle. Safety ring to lock blade. French vineyards have flourished with thrifty Opinel care. Not shown is the Opinel pruning hook.

Opinel #12 6 3/8 inch Folding Saw

Locks Open

The size of a #12 Opinel knife (6 3/8 inches closed) and using the same locking ring, this smaller saw can prune two-inch branches with ease. Classic beechwood handle with hole for lanyard.

Opinal #16 Folding Saw

Modern Garden Folding Saw Design with the Classic Opinel Look

“The teeth cut through a 4″ tree limb in less than 8 strokes.”




Any gardener worth his or her salt will recognize this modern saw design. The razor sharp teeth zip through tree limbs up to 4 inches in diameter. The saw cuts “on the pull,” allowing the gardener to apply more power. The modern folding saw puts incredible cutting power into the gardener’s hand.The Opinel #18 Folding Saw stands out with its unusual and beautifull wooden handle. On the Opinel scale this saw is a #18 which equates to a 7-1/8″ blade.

Opinel Garden Knife

Opinel folding knife

The classic Opinel in a large size

Opinel 12

Opinel #12 Folding Knife, carbon steel

Size open: 11 1/8″ – Blade: 4 6/8″ An Opinel that you would not carry in street clothes but a size a gardener will love. Keep in mind this carbon steel, favored by many for taking an edge, is not stainless and will gain a patina over time. A classic farmer knife.

Fiskars Loppers Take on Limbs Up to 2 Inches

If your gardener has neglected pruning, he or she will need a pair of loppers. The “L” in loppers stands for “leverage,” the leverage to prune large branches effortlessly. The Fiskars brand is special. These loppers have a precision gearing system that nearly triples the leverage.Leverage

The gearing mechanism not only gives the Fiskars more cutting force than single pivot loppers, the smooth action takes away jarring at the end of cuts. Razor-sharp bypass blade prunes even the largest branches. Any larger, and it is time for a pruning saw.

  • Hardened, corrosion-resistant, non-stickblade holds an edge and reduces friction.
  • Lightweight aluminum handles are ergonomic and comfortable.
  • Fiskars, known by gardners for unsurpassed quality, confidently offers a lifetime warranty

    ARS Extendable Hedge Trimmers

    Super sharp and adjustable for 28 to 41-inches to reach those unruly stems with the audacity to grow out of arm’s reach. Lightweight but don’t let that fool you, these are  professional quality. Even if your gardener has hedge trimmers – or especially if they do – they will enjoy a pair of these beauties.

    Extendable Loppers

    I have a version of these and use them all the time. Extended reach plus incredible power. If the limb fits in the jaws, it comes off! I bought my version at a garden store, so read the reviews on this brand.

    Fancy Hedge Trimmers

    Wow, read the comments on these hedge trimmers. These people sincerely believe this tool is worth the money. I don’t have a pair but sure would love to receive them as a gift. The ultimate gardener gift? They don’t even have a motor!

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