How to Add a Pinterest Button to Sharebar

Picture of the Pinterest logo for How to Add a Pinterest Button to SharebarAdd a Pinterest button to Sharebar?  Sounds easy enough

Well, I just spent about an hour struggling to add one of the standard issue Pinterest buttons to Sharebar.

Don’t bother!

Yes, using the standard issue buttons you can add a Pinterest button to send people to your Pinterest site.  This is the “go to (and hopefully follow) my Pinterest page” button.

But most bloggers want to get readers to add their blog images and article links to the reader’s Pinterest page.

This is the way to get individual images and articles up on Pinterest.

Don’t get me wrong. I just joined Pinterest and have decided that it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread.

So I wanted my readers to be able to share my incredibly cool images and hilarious content on Pinterest.

Look to your left to see my Sharebar.

This is where I encourage readers to Tweet, Stumble, Facebook share, and now Pin my individual chunks of content.

If you are a blogger and Pinterest user who cares about others, you will click the “Pin This” button.  NOW.  I’m not kidding.

Any blogger who follows your Pinterest page will love you!

Pinterest would lead one to believe you can add a Sharebar button with the code they provide.  Well, you can add follow my Pinterest page button but not the “pin my cool content” button.  But you can’t add the “share this image/article link” Pinterest button to Sharebar.

After an hour of struggling, I gave up.

Then I went on Google and found this great post on how to add Pinterest to Sharebar.

‘Nuff said.  Don’t thank me, thank Tom for his great post!

Update: I now use Shareholic and it’s super easy.

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