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translation buttonUse EasyAzon to Market to the World

I use EasyAzon to quickly embed links to Amazon products, customized for customers in other countries.  

If you are an Amazon affiliate, you undoubtedly know how to embed an item in a post or page.  It takes awhile.

Now imagine a simple WordPress plugin that lets you 1) search for a product(s) 2) click on a button and embed a link of your choice.

EasyAzon let’s me do that.  I’ll show you just how Easy it is.  I am going to use the search term “Blu-ray” and use EasyAzon too paste in links below.

Look at that!  I just 1) embedded an image link to the product, 2) an “info block” box including price and links to reviews, and 3) a “call to action.”  Each took just one click!

Now watch this.  I will embed that very same product link here with the words:Click on this text to get a great price on The Dark Knight Trilogy (Batman Begins / The Dark Knight / The Dark Knight Rises) [Blu-ray]

Yes, I could have performed all these feats manually by searching on Amazon, finding a product, finding and tweaking the widget, generating the code, copying the code, coming back and pasting it in.  

Instead, using EasyAzon I never left the WordPress editor screen.  In fact, I stayed right in the Visual mode of the WP editor — yes, no more searching through HTML code to find the placement spot.

Using the search term “blu-ray” in a box below the WP editor, I received a list of Amazon products (some that I didn’t know about) and then just clicked on the options next to the picture of Batman.  

I even got a choice of image sizes.  Let’s look at the BIG image version:

Think this image size will appear on an iPhone?  You bet it will!

EasyAzon “cloaks” the Amazon links so as not to bug the Google search engine and sets the links as No Follow so as not to share “link juice” with Amazon.  Trust me, Amazon does not need a share of my ranking juice.

But This Is Why I Really Want You to Take a Look at Easy Azon

You Can Use EasyAzon to Easily Set Up Affiliate Accounts in Foreign Countries!

In a matter of minutes I set up Amazon affiliate accounts in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Canada.  

When a potential customer from one of those countries clicks on an EasyAzon link, they are taken to the closest product equivalent with the price, shipping . . .  everything familiar to them on their own usual Amazon link.

I would NOT have signed up to be an affiliate in all those countries without the easy EasyAzon guidance.  Wouldn’t have known where to start.

Now there is a downside to the EasyAzon plugin.  It costs money.  Yes, there are exquisitely valuable plugins for which you have to pay actual money.

You know what I’ve learned about paid plugins?  They can be worth many times their cost!  There is a good reason that you pay for them; they are valuable.

Now you can still use the old fashioned search of Amazon, or find a cool Amazon product on another site’s link.  No problem.  Just paste the product title or ASIN number into EasyAzon and click normally.

Once you get EasyAzon, like me, you can become an affiliate.  Here are some sample banners you can paste into widgets or on pages and posts.

Oh, just click on any one of them to see a video on how EasyAzon works. 


EasyAzonYou WILL need a Clickbank account to become an affiliate.  But if you are learning to monetize your blogs and lenses, you should do that anyway.

Whether or not you choose to become an affiliate, if you spend time linking to Amazon products on your blog or website, you are going to love being able to use the EasyAzon plugin.

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  1. I really must come back to absorb this info, Astro G. I trust your holidays have been fabulous (if you celebrate anything at the end of the calendar year, that is).

    I wrote some recipe lenses lately, but I’m not sure what you like, so I won’t leave a link to any of them. I feel like I’m spamming you somewhat.

    Just wanted to thank you for your honesty – it’s refreshing. Hope you’ll write some more on Squidoo (I think 2014 will definitely be a better year for real writers).


    Rose (aka sousababy)

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