Incredibly High Priced Amazon Products

I constantly search for products of excellent value for BlogsNewsReviews readers.

You work hard for your money (or have suffered the humiliation of kissing butt to inherit vast wealth) and want to stretch your dollars (or whatever monetary denomination is used in your country).

So Blogs News Reviews usually looks for value.

Perhaps you will remember my posts on very cheap French pocket knives or inexpensive products that reduce campsite bathroom embarrassment, disease spread, and sleeping bag discoloration?

Of course, when a product is all about status, I will share info on expensive luxury products.  After all, sometimes you want to show off and a nice watch is a great investment.

But this post is about some incredibly expensive products.  

Take a look at the pricetags on these products and ask yourself:  Am I crazy or just missing out on the good life?

Horse Skeleton List Price: $18,679.00 

Holy crap.  My dad once paid $150 for a good workhorse for logging.  We had no idea our hardworking horse was carrying around $18 grand in bones.  If you need a horse skeleton, don’t let me discourage you.  But gee whiz.  If I had an $18K horse skeleton I don’t think I would park it outside near a forest.  Wolves could rush out and grab an expensive bone to gnaw on.

Mixer and Accesories Price:$2,189.88 

Do you need a mixer?  This would be a good one, I’ll bet.  “Look, I saved money by making homemade cookies.”  Just a few more batches to break even.  Dang.

Women’s Happy Sport Diamond Watch  List Price: $49,190.00  

The moniker “Happy Sport” makes me wonder if we are talking about the person who pays for this timepiece or a related physical activity.  If you are engaging in a sport with 50 grand on your wrist, no doubt that’s pretty happy.  Holy Mackerel.

 Sports Oriented Pet Bed  Price:  $979.97

Is your dog or cat a sports fan?  Or, like ours, is your dog so dumb he couldn’t tell the difference between a home run and a square dance?  

Either way, this pet bed is not about your pet’s perceptions.  This purchase is about YOU.  Your desire for a premium sports-themed pet bed.  And your concept of money management.  Wow. You may have a future in government spending.

So there you go, a few items with prices that might make you ask, “Are you kidding?” 

Funny Amazon Customer Book Reviews

Looking for some joke Amazon reviews?  

Check out what the customers have to say about these two weird books.Book cover of Outlook for Wood Toilet Seats in China

From the author, “In order to estimate the latent demand for wood toilet seats across the regions and cites of Greater China, I used a multi-stage approach.” 

When I hear the terms “multi-stage approach” and “wood toilet seats” in the same sentence, my interest is piqued.

But it gets better.

“In particular, there is an assumption governing the shape and type of aggregate latent demand functions.”

When it comes to wood toilet seats “aggregate latent demand functions”  sounds pretty serious.  And it is!  

I you live in China, you may not have realized the magnitude of your latent demand or the likelihood that YOU may soon get a Wooden Toilet Seat!

The reviews of this book are lighthearted and funny.  

Click the graphic, check out the reviews, get the book, and keep it in your bathroom for those days when you need a little extra time.

Then, just when you thought you had every book you needed, along comes this blockbuster.  A Million Random Digits with 100,000 Normal Deviates

Savor the hilarious reviews and then enjoy your own copy of A Million Random Digits.  Read just one a day and that will keep you occupied for 2,737 years!

Bonus:  Includes 100,000 Normal Deviates.  If you’re a normal deviate, see if your name appears!

Looking for odd Amazon products with weird photos?

Or just some funny photos?

Alt suspicious girl and suspicious monkey


7 More Strange Amazon Products with Funny Comments

photo of a ladybug for Amazon strange productsAmazon is like a store.  A store with jokesters and comedians roaming the aisles!

These Amazonian comedians make absurd, whacky, and sometimes very funny remarks about ridiculous products.  

The comments (and customer images) for these 5 strange Amazon items are especially creative.  Click the photos to read the funny remarks.  Then rate the funniest as “helpful.”  (wink, wink)

Read the top negative comment for this actual UFO detector.  Is it a concerned human or a tricky UFO jockey trying to fool us?  Funny stuff!

And here’s a bonus UFO-01 Detector which includes several complaints and an alien phishing scam.  Awesome!

Check out the funny customer images for this item.  Main image is a rabbit carcass (!) but other images are cute.  Comments are a howl.  Fresh Whole Rabbit

The customer comments for this product will have you writhing with laughter.  The image is a bit graphic so click with discretion and prepare for some grown-up sophomoric humor.  3B Scientific W43014 Testicle Self Exam Form


One reviewer had amazing results with tomatoes grown in Roswell UFO Crash Site Soil Sample.  Some question whether the soil is from a UFO crash site or Kentucky, like there’s a difference (wink, wink).


The comments on this item — 1,500 ladybugs — aren’t funny but they are charming.  Gardeners rejoice at the arrival of their beneficial insect buddies, hungry for aphids and other garden pests.  



Here we have the The Daddle, a saddle for Dad.  Reviews include a bizarre collection of customer experiences using the daddle on dads, husbands, wives and large dogs.  

We learn the Daddle is  Western style, making it unsuitable for traditional English father riding, which includes father jumping, father fox hunting, and father polo.  

Happy Father’s Day, dad, and giddyap!


Yodeling Pickle customers say it’s better than some pop stars, is cheaper than an iPod and the best electronic yodeling pickle money can buy.

So there you have it.  7 more strange Amazon products and funny reviews. Consider leaving a vote of “helpful” if you get a kick out of these nutty Amazonian comedians!

Bonus:  Just discovered.  Read the crazy reviews of 1,000 Round Wafers (1000 Pack)

Additional bonus items.  Read these comments and howl with confusion!

UPDATE FLASH!  You have GOT to read the funny comment, “The Greatest Toy In The World” for this product! 

Looking for some truly strange facts and odd realities?  Check out!