Leatherman Micra Microtool

The Leatherman Micra Microtool is a tiny version of a Swiss Army knife

Tiny and effective, the Micra packs so many tools in such a small package, you will wonder how you lived without one.

I recently lost my 10-year old Micra through a small hole in my pocket.  I ordered a replacement immediately.


The Leatherman Micra had become indispensable to me.There are certain tools without which I feel naked.  The Micra is always in my pocket with my car keys.


  • Incredibly small — Fits easily in the “watch pocket” of a pair of jeans.
  • Durable
  • Includes a LOT of tools, all visible here.  

The Micra’s tool inventory includes:

A pair of scissors strong enough to cut heavy cardboard, plant stems, rope.  Paper? Yes, and with finesse.  You can trim hair.  Very sharp, accurate, and with as much mechanical advantage as a much larger pair of scissors.

A blade.  A very short, very sharp knife.  Opens boxes.  Cuts stuff.  You won’t be whittling much with the Micra but it will sharpen a pencil.

Tweezers that are much stronger than those on a Swiss Army knife.

Flat head screwdriver. Works on small to medium screws

Flat Phillip’s head.  Yes, it works on Phillip’s head screws.

Bottle opener and teensy, weensy flathead screwdriver, small enough and thin enough to tighten eyeglasses.

Nail file and nail cleaner.  The file is very fine yet very aggressive.

Ruler.  Five inches or 11 centimeters.  Not too excited about this function for accurate measurement because it spans the hinge.  But you can *make* a very accurate ruler using the very accurate single inch or a couple of centimeters on one side of the hinge.

Lanyard / Key ring. Good for one key, maybe two.  You could attach it to a key ring.  I’ve never used the tiny key ring.  I don’t want keys hanging off of my Micra.

100% stainless steel. Very hard steel.  Comes with a sharp edge, and you won’t need to sharpen it (with super fine grit sandpaper) for a couple of years.


The Micra is incredibly small.  If you forget you have it on you, it may be confiscated at the airport. Based on experience, I can tell you it can slip through a small hole in your pocket.

Don’t just take my word for it!  Click here to see how amazingly small it is and read comments about the Leatherman Micra Multi-tool on Amazon. 

Why I recommend the Leatherman Micra?  The scissors.  They are powerful, sharp and precise.  The other tools complement the scissors perfectly.

Also check out Micra’s bigger version, the Leatherman Blast

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  1. I’ve got one of these – thoroughly recommended especially the sturdy pliers which have got me out of more tight spots than I care to mention. A real alternative to carrying round a large toolbox (not that you can do that on a motorbike anyway!)

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