Origin of AstroGremlin

AstroGremlin: the Origin Story

A strange creature born of the darkness of space, AstroGremlin was attracted to planet Earth by its culture, music, people and amazing products.  But the origin of Astro has never been told.  Until now.

AstrogremlinThe distances of outer space separate the worlds of sentient beings by millions of light years.  Yet the  darkness and loneliness of space also can bring strangers together.  AstroGremlin’s mother, from the planet Cater, was a wise and powerful explorer on a long journey that passed near the star we call Sol.  In those times, mankind’s early steps into the blackness were shrouded in secrecy.  An American astronaut aboard an experimental craft launched from the surface of Earth was lost in space, his very existence denied by a government, and his oxygen supply nearly exhausted.

Fate would have it that the explorer from Cater would find the man from Earth hurtling toward her craft. She plucked him from the coldness of space and brought him aboard. His appearance was repugnant to her, yet she nursed him back to consciousness and health. 




AstroGremlin’s father relied on primitive equipment similar to that worn by comic book hero, Adam Strange, depicted here by artist Carmine Infantino.


The outer space explorers had abundant time to become acquainted.  Just as the Earth man had been low on oxygen, the explorer from Cater was low on fuel.  She parked her craft in the orbit of Saturn’s moon, Titan, to skim rare elements from its atmosphere.  Although by Earth standards she was not a looker, on Cater she was considered a well-patterned beauty and a well respected pillar of the community.  As he got to know her, the Earthman came to understand why she was such a respected pillar among the beings of Cater.  He realized she was a real Cater pillar.

 Astrogremlin's mother

Astro Gremlin's mother Although she was not a classic beauty by Earth standards, the strange explorer from Cater intrigued and attracted the Earthman. 


AstroGremlin’s birth was made possible by the intervention of advanced technology, developed on Cater, a special panel to “ion” the genes,  sorting out the DNA of his mother and father to assemble a remarkable hybrid.  In a way, AstroGremlin’s parent was this panel or board for ioning.  Above one can see the Cater pillar on the ioning board.

AstroGremlin had many interesting adventures as he grew up among the stars.  He built from spare parts his first spacecraft at the age of 16.

 AstroGremlin's first spacecraftAstroGremlin’s first interstellar “hot rod” customized with cool flame propulsion units.

AstroGremlin's craft close up




Having wandered the local stellar neighborhood and beyond, AstroGremlin enjoys his friends on Earth and currently works as a writer and reviewer of amazing products at Blogs News Reviews.com. 

 Cartoon of AstroGremlin

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