Kitchen Tip How To Separate Yolk from White

Separate egg yolk from whiteHow to separate yolk from white?  

Most of us know the juggling from shell to shell trick.  This one uses the modern technology of a plastic water bottle.

Ignore the lingo and watch the video.

How to Fold a T-shirt in 2 seconds

How to peel a banana the way a monkey does. You will never peel a banana the same way again.

Super Funny Texts Between Superman and Wonder Woman

drawing of LIGHTNING BOLTS for Super Funny Superhero HumorSuper funny superhero humor has reached new heights!

If you like superhero jokes you are going to love this super funny link to NPR.

The premise:  After a sleepover, Superman texts Wonder Woman throughout the next day.  

Superman is smitten.  Wonder Woman is not.  

The resulting series of super funny text messages by GLEN WELDON is a scream!

Here is a sample.  (BigRedESS is Superman and 1derWymyn is Wonder Woman)


“BigRedESS (5:33 a.m.): watchin u sleep now 😉

BigRedESS (5:34 a.m.): ur pretty 🙂

BigRedESS (5:45 a.m.): lookin at ur lungs. They r clean haha

BigRedESS (5:46 a.m.): man ur heart is big lol

BigRedESS (5:47 a.m.): i mean like large anatomically haha tho u r really generous too i bet

BigRedESS (5:50 a.m.): wow you got out of bed fast

BigRedESS (5:51 a.m.): mouthwash is in the medicine cabinet top left

1derWymyn (5:52 a.m.): DUDE. WHY ARE YOU TEXTING ME? I AM RIGHT HERE.”


The super funny superhero text messagin goes on from there.

Read the whole super funny piece by Glen Weldon here.

CommentLuv Premium Goes Back on Sale

Drawing of a heart for CommentLuv Premium SaleCommentLuv Premium Dime Sale begins August 23!

Did you miss out on the launch sale of CommentLuv Premium?

Andy Bailey of CommentLuv Premium is giving you a second chance during the one year anniversary Dime Sale.

One year later, CommentLuv Premium is just as popular, just as relevant, and just as desirable to blog commenters.

For a short time, you can get CommentLuv and turbocharge your site for commenters.

What you get with CommentLuv Premium:

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The effect of consistently using CommentLuv Premium to comment can be an amazing increase in your traffic.  Just as importantly for SEO, CLP tells Google your customized “anchor texts” that brand your articles and point to YOUR content.

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Still not convinced?

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