Who Cares About You?

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Your Congressional Representative, your banker, your grocer, your mom and dad, your family.  And firemen and police are paid to care about people in trouble or people breaking the law.

But who else really cares about you?

It’s an interesting question and you can get a rough answer by asking yourself, among all the people in the world, who do I care about?  Celebrities and movie stars?  Of course.  My friends?  Yes.  People in trouble I see on the news?  It’s impossible not to care.  What about a factory worker in China?  I want to care, but do I?

So there’s your approximate answer.

Since you are not famous, nobody cares about you for that reason.  Your friends care.  If you get trapped in a mine, people around the world will care.  For awhile anyway.  If you live in a sparsely populated area, say Montana, your neighbors care about you.  But not that many people care about you.  You are not alone in this.

Remember how many people you care about.  That’s about how many people care about you.


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