Physics Science Project Ideas,Toys, and a Rocket Alarm Clock

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  1. Rose Webster says:

    Astro G,

    There is indeed a force exerted by Fig Newtons. On this 30 second commercial:, I predict the Fig Newton dancing weighs about 165 lbs (74 kg). And I am guessing by the pace of movement in the dancing that the Fig Newton’s acceleration is roughly 1/2 a meter per second squared.

    So, F = ma therefore 74 kg x 0.5 = 37 Newtons that the Newton exerted (not taking into account gravitational pull and other extras). Sadly, the Newton dancing needed a green screen backdrop and a totally different background. I could definitely help him with my latest.

  2. Chris says:

    This is great stuff Astro! The more we can expose our kids (and adults) to science the better. I can tell you’ve taken great care to pick out and curate interesting science experiments and kits that are fun to do.

    I will submit your site to some of the social sites listed on the left here. Science is great fun, and I hope I can help others discover your site :)
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  3. dave says:

    Astro – I like all of them. It would be fun to be a kid again and spend the summer working on these little projects. Experimenting, learning, and having fun – those were the good ‘ol days! Rockets are particularly cool.

    One grown-up toy that is pretty cool is the electric car. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see the streets full of these non-polluting, and QUIET vehicles? Anyone who lives near a street or street corner would appreciate that!
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