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Top, highest reviewed Amazon products are out there, It’s just a matter of finding them!  

Yes, you can shop Amazon the way I used to.  Go to Amazon, select the category of the product you want to buy.  Then scroll through the choices, and read the reviews.  It works. But it takes time.

But there’s a new way to shop Amazon:

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As you probably know Amazon, started out selling books.  Just books.  Now Amazon carries everything, from appliances to TVs, shipping billions of dollars of goods every year.  

Why is Amazon so successful?

Amazon’s success is thanks to its reviewers.

Amazon reviews are written by real people with honest opinions, sometimes raves, and sometimes brutally critical evaluations of products.

 On Amazon you tap other buyers intelligence BEFORE you buy.  

  • Did you notice that the item is smaller than it looks in the photo?  
  • I assume the item is made of metal, but reviewers note it’s plastic.
  • Ooops, the Kindle version of that classic book is nearly unreadable.

Amazon reviews are pure gold.  The negative reviews weed out the bad stuff.  The positive reviews lead to products that people really like.

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Best Way To Teach a Child to Ride a Bike

Girl bike rider for how to teach a child to ride a bikeThe best way to teach a child to ride a bike is a “balance bike”  

A balance bike is a kind of scooter, with a seat but without pedals.  A balance bike teaches a child to ride on his or her own, at low speed, without crashes or fear.

A child must experience the sensation of balance to gain confidence and learn the skill of riding.

Methods that do NOT work to teach a child to ride a bike:

  •  A bike with training wheels does NOT teach a child how to ride a bike.  Training wheels turn a bike into a kind of tricycle that does not teach balance.
  • Running alongside the bike while the child “rides” does NOT teach a child how to ride a bike.  Running and holding up the bike is another failed simulation of balance, just like training wheels.
  • Pushing your child on the bike and letting go.  Yes, this may give them the brief sensation of balance but usually ends in a crash, NOT the best way to teach a child to ride a bike.

Steps to Teach a Child to Ride Using a Balance Bike

  1. The child begins seated on the balance bike on a flat surface with feet flat on the ground.  
  2. Once  comfortable sitting on the balance bike, the child can try lifting their feet for a moment. Balancing for a moment offers the genuine experience of balance while seated on a bicycle.  
  3. Once comfortable lifting their feet, the child can try moving forward.  He or she should “coast” or “glide” forward for only for about a foot or two and then catch themselves.
  4. Moving the bike forward and then stopping, the child remains in complete control, without the need for training wheels or you to hold them up.  
  5. The feeling of balance lasts only a split second. But it is the actual sensation of riding.  It is REALLY riding a bike.  
  6. After the child practices coasting forward a few feet at a time, he or she can begin gliding farther.  With greater confidence, a child will lift their feet longer and longer.  
  7. Increasing the coasting distance is entirely under the child’s control.

Here’s the real secret of “teaching” anyone how to ride a bike.  It can’t be done!  

A person must learn to ride a bike on his or her own.  The best way to teach a child to ride a bike is to not attempt to teach them!

The best way to teach a child to ride a bike is to give them the right equipment, a balance bike.

You can make a balance bike by taking the pedals off of the child’s bike and lowering the seat.  Or you can buy a balance bike designed specifically for the purpose of teaching your child to ride.  A balance bike is appropriate at a much younger age, but it’s still A REAL BIKE.

Best Balance Bike

Also known as a “PREbike” or “running bike,” a bike without pedals may seem like a waste of money.  Unlike a regular bike with the pedals removed, a balance bike is designed for pre-biking, including a built-in foot rest.

Strider PREbike Balance Running Bike

Adjustable handlebar and seat height to fit riders from 30 to 44 inches tall (saddle height adjusts from 11 to 16 inches from ground). The optional Extra-Long Seatpost with Saddle is recommended for children 4 years and older (adjusts from 14 to 19 inches from the ground).  Integrated footrest.


Trikke Bikee Balance Bike

The Bikee balance bike by Trikke gives kids 2 to 5 years old of age an easier way to get comfortable and confident on two wheels.  Integrated footrest. Super light weight — less than 7 lbs.  Saddle is 14.5″ at lowest position and 19″ at highest

Kazam Balance Bike

For ages three to six, the Kazam has real inflated tires and spokes. Weight: 11.2 pounds, weight capacity: 75 pounds, adjustable seat: 14 to 17.5 inches


You may have tried the training wheels route, or the exhausting running beside the bike method, WHICH DO NOT WORK to teach a child to ride a bike.   

You weren’t “taught” to ride a bike, you had to learn on your own.  

As much as you may want to, you can’t teach a child to ride a bike, either.  

You CAN give them the magical kind of bike — the balance bike, running bike, pre-bike — that makes learning to ride a two-wheeler natural, safe and fun!  

Want to read more on the training concept before you invest in a balance bike?  I don’t blame you!  

Get:  THE breakthrough book on how to teach a child how to ride a bike

(Note:  I have no affiliation with the author.  When I ordered and read this book it forever changed my understanding of how a child can learn to ride a bike without tears, training wheels, or exhaustion. Highly recommended.  Remember to come back and order a balance bike!)

Pumpkin Carving Sculpture by Ray Villafane

pumpkin carving by Ray VillafanePumpkin carving has reached artistic heights with the pumpkin sculptures of Ray Villafane.  

Who knew the flesh of a gourd suitable for making pies could be transformed into lifelike, funny, sometimes ghoulish works of pumpkin carving art?

As Halloween and pumpkin carving season approaches, feast your eyes on these masterpieces of pumpkin sculpture.


About Ray Villafane

Ray Villafane (b. March 5, 1969) was raised on Long Island and graduated from the School of Visual Arts (SVA) in New York City in 1991.  

While still teaching art to Michigan K-12 students for 13 years, Ray began freelance sculpting in clay and wax.  His success led him to become a full time sculptor in 2006.

Villafane’s first success came in sculpting comic book characters, beginning with the Marvel character, Wolverine, followed by collectible superhero figures such as Sabretooth, Magneto, and The Punisher.

Ray’s most celebrated work took off in 2007 when he won a Food Network pumpkin-carving competition called “Outrageous Pumpkins.”

Ray Villafane soon became famous for his creative masterpieces of pumpkin carving. Ray was even dubbed the “Picasso of Pumpkin Carving” by the Wall Street Journal.

Ray now lives and works in his home studio in, surprise, Surprise, Arizona.  I am not making this up!  The guy’s an artist, what did you expect?

How would you like to carve pumpkins like Ray Villafane does?  You can dream, right?

Ray will actually give you pumpkin carving training on his pumpkin carving tutorials.  

Full disclosure:  I haven’t seen the tutorials and have no affiliation with Ray’s studio.  But remember, Ray taught art for 13 years to kids from kindergarten up to 12th grade.  Do you think he could teach you a thing or two about pumpkin carving?

pumpkin carving tutorials DVD cover

Tip:  The downloadable version for $19.95 available above does not come with bonus features such as vine arms and stitching.  For those bonuses, or to give the DVD as a gift, you will want the physical DVD from the Ray Vilafane studio store.

Click on the photo to see Ray’s studio

Photo of Ray Villane carving a pumpkin

Release Your Inner Pumpkin Carving Genius with More Ray Villafane Pumpkin Sculpting Tools

Ray Villafane's Pumpkins
List Price: $16.99
Price: $13.31
You Save: $3.68