Kitchen Tip How To Separate Yolk from White

Separate egg yolk from whiteHow to separate yolk from white?  

Most of us know the juggling from shell to shell trick.  This one uses the modern technology of a plastic water bottle.

Ignore the lingo and watch the video.

How to Fold a T-shirt in 2 seconds

How to peel a banana the way a monkey does. You will never peel a banana the same way again.

CommentLuv Premium Goes Back on Sale

Drawing of a heart for CommentLuv Premium SaleCommentLuv Premium Dime Sale begins August 23!

Did you miss out on the launch sale of CommentLuv Premium?

Andy Bailey of CommentLuv Premium is giving you a second chance during the one year anniversary Dime Sale.

One year later, CommentLuv Premium is just as popular, just as relevant, and just as desirable to blog commenters.

For a short time, you can get CommentLuv and turbocharge your site for commenters.

What you get with CommentLuv Premium:

  • A powerful tool to let your commenters select their own “anchor texts” to flag search engines of their content
  • A method to shape how commenters promote your blog – rewards for Tweeting, Liking, registering, it’s up to you
  • A clear message that your site is platinum level for commenters
  • Full control over the rewards you offer commenters — number of keywords, how many comments required to get the Do Follow “juice” for comments, and many, many more controls
  • A world-recognized “welcome mat” that your site is comment friendly!
The effect of consistently using CommentLuv Premium to comment can be an amazing increase in your traffic.  Just as importantly for SEO, CLP tells Google your customized “anchor texts” that brand your articles and point to YOUR content.

The downside:  You have to pay for premium “membership” in the CommentLuv club.  But now, with the Dime Sale, you have the opportunity to get CommentLuv for cheap.  Includes unlimited use on ALL YOUR SITES.

If you missed out on the first sale, don’t kick yourself for missing out twice. By the way,  Premium CommentLuv comes with amazing support.  Andy sends out his Tasty Tuesday free tools, offers, and news to members and supports a great site to trade tips and instructions.

And here’s a valuable bonus.  With CommentLuv Premium on your site, it becomes eligible for the amazing Search Engine JUST for CommentLuv enabled sites.

Still not convinced?

You can get on the Dime Sale list, with no obligation, just by clicking here ♥.

Online Typing Tests with Dragon Naturally Speaking

Photo of a girl typing for Online Typing Test with Dragon Naturally SpeakingOnline typing tests like  are a great way to test your typing speed. 

I wanted to see how fast I could type using Dragon Naturally Speaking, the great (and now CHEAP voice recognition software).

I performed the following:

  • I fired up Dragon Naturally Speaking
  • I searched Google for “online typing test.”
  • I clicked on the Learn to online typing test
  • I started “typing” using Dragon Naturally Speaking.
  • I didn’t speak as quickly as I could.  I simply spoke, well, naturally.
  • I made no effort to correct the text.

The online typing test gave me — aided by my trusty Dragon Naturally Speaking — a score of 86 words per minute with 14 mistakes, for an adjusted speed of 72 words per minute.  

Do you type manually at 72 WPM?  I sure don’t!

Online Typing Test Challenge

You spend hours every day at your keyboard.  If you’re an even casual blogger you spend at least an hour or two composing blog articles.  If you’re a novelist or non-fiction writer you spend even more time typing, typing, typing.

Question: How much time do you spend typing, and how much time could you save if you sped up to 72 words a minute?

Here’s the challenge: Go to or any online typing test of your choice. 

Take the test and get your typing score.

Then divide your words per minute (wpm) score into 7, 200 (the Dragon WPM score x 100 — this is to arrive at a percentage).  Add a % sign to that number. 

That percentage is how much extra time that you’re spending on typing than you would using Dragon, assuming it works for you as well as it does for me, speaking naturally. 🙂

For example, let’s say you type at a respectable speed of 35 words per minute.  Divide 35 into 7,200.  That means, using Dragon, you would type at 205% or more than double your current speed. 

Are you are spending twice as much time typing than you would using Dragon? 

If you type slower than 35 WPM your time savings go up.  Way up!  Let’s do the math.  

If type 20 WPM typing manually, Dragon at 72 WPM is 260% faster.  If you are a “hunt and peck” typist, this could well be you!

Con #1 If you type at 72 WPM, good for you!  You won’t save any time with Dragon. That’s exactly 100% of your speed with Dragon and your productivity would not be improved much by voice recognition software.

Con #2 You won’t see your top Dragon speed until you “train” Dragon by reading several passages aloud into yourUSB Headset  It’s easy but takes a few minutes of reading aloud.  Dragon continues to “learn” on the job, too.

A Simple Calculation: How Much $$ Can Dragon Save You?

Take the online typing test and see just how much faster you could be with Dragon power.  Let’s assume again that you and I talk at about the same speed, at 72 WPM.  If you spend an hour a day typing, multiply what an hour of your time is worth x the time saved with Dragon.  Let’s say your time is worth $10.  If Dragon would save you 50% of that, it would return $5 on your first hour of typing.  How many days would it take you to break even on an investment in Dragon?  Four days?  Eight days?  Two days? You see, it all depends on what your time is worth!

Super Speed Online Typing Test Dragon Challenge

I decided to really put Dragon Naturally Speaking through its paces.  I went back to and started speaking as quickly as I could.  For some crazy reason this online typing test penalizes you severely for typing an additional word.  So I switched online typing tests ( is just fine for testing manual typing).

So I tried a different online typing test at calculator (For good measure here is a grab bag of 10 more online typing apps.)

Calculator Cat uses short text blurbs to test your typing speed.

Speaking as quickly as I could, and not “naturally” at all I might add, my typing speed with Dragon Naturally Speaking went up to a blazing 180 WPM! 

Of course, this kind of test shows you the incredible power of Dragon Naturally Speaking and its ability to capture your speech as fast as you can talk. 

Can you honestly say that you will begin composing blogs at a rate of 180 words per minute?  Of course not, unless you’re able to spew out well formulated sentences organized into a coherent structure without thinking.  Maybe you can!

But the point of trying these online typing tests using Dragon Naturally Speaking was to demonstrate just how fast this speech recognition software really is.

And just how much Dragon can speed up your productivity.  

Full disclosure: I’m such a fan of Dragon, I became an affiliate and so would make a commission if you buy through this site.  But if you are a friend of this site, I really don’t care where you get your Dragon on!  Just start enjoying your new-found power over words.

Note: I am using Dragon Naturally Speaking version 10.  That is two generations behind the latest Dragon Naturally Speaking, version 12. And by the way, I used Dragon to draft this article!

Read how you can get Dragon version 11 on sale.

Or just go ahead and get it at this amazingly low price.  

Buy Dragon and then, like I did, take the online typing test challenge using Dragon.  You will witness just how much faster you can “type” speaking naturally than you can typing manually.