Recipe for a low cal pasta sauce

Canned diced tomatoes plus some sour cream and a can of corn

I devised this recipe on my own. The sauce is pink and delicious.

One can of diced tomatoes (not drained).  Cook off some of the water on the tomatoes and add a heaping spoon of chopped garlic, oregano, some Lawry’s, and a couple three tablespoons of sour cream.

Then add a can of corn (drained). The corn adds crunch and a flavor one usually finds only in dishes with corn in them.

Super important

Add about a teaspoon of baking soda. The fizz is normal. That’s that acid being neutralized. Add a teaspoon or so of sugar to taste.

Serve over about two cups of pasta (boiled to the tooth).

That’s it.

A note on how to cook pasta

The Italians always cook pasta “al dente” which means “to the tooth” or slightly under-cooked to leave some texture.  Our word for dandelion is from “dent de lion” or tooth of the lion. Anyway, to the Italians, mushy, overcooked pasta is considered an insult to the tooth, as bad as serving soggy bread.  If you are cooking for Italians or have always admired them for their cooking, you may want to take their concerns into account.

Otherwise, cook your pasta (noodles) as soft as your tooth likes. I like to cook pasta in bouillon or at least salty water.

Always drain pasta

Here is a highly rated colander although you can just drain by holding the lid slightly off. Still, you should have a good colander for other recipes.

I like to cook on induction

It saves time and energy. Not your energy, the kind you by from the electric company!

Pasta sauce without meat? Here’s how African hunters use trained monkeys to help bring home the bacon. Rough translation of the Spanish narration, “Look at those monkeys hopping on the backs of wild pigs.”