I Know What Angels Look Like Now


I know what angels look like now.

They glow in private ways

They look like us and act like us

And no one ever says

“Hey, there’s an angel!”

‘Cause they don’t know

The work is done in secret

The angels are among us

They glow in private ways

But if you’ve ever known one

You know for all your days

That you have to be an angel now

Whenever you can be


You don’t get a golden pair of wings

You aren’t issued a golden horn

Your just another slob down here

Just trying to stay warm


But the time will come and you will know

It’s time

Your time to be an angel

And it’s never that sublime


Someone needs a flashlight

Or someone needs a tow

Or someone’s lost like you were

And needs a place to go


I know what angels look like now

They look like me and you

They shine the light that no one sees

Until it shines on you

And then you are an angel, too

For you have taken good

And need to pass it on again

The way an angel should


No, you don’t get golden wings my friend

Or bask in misty clouds

The angel glows in private ways

That face among the crowd


When you see one only nod

And smile because you know

Another angel is among us

And adding to the glow


I found this image on the Facebook page of my friend Jupiter Jim and then wrote this poem.  If you like this sort of thing, visit him.