Thank You to the Good Teachers

photo of beautiful flowerHey, good teacher.  You know who you are.

Thank you.

The fire still burns in you to educate, to make a difference, to cultivate an acorn sprout into a slightly larger acorn sprout.  

You have nothing but the hope that that acorn sprout will someday become an oak tree.

Yet you sweat to make them grow.  

The politics, the parents, even the kids.  They don’t get it.  You get frustrated.  You get tired.  You get paid crap money.  You want to give up.  

Please don’t give up.

I had good teachers.  They were few and far between.  They made all the difference.

Each good teacher was like an oasis, keeping me on track, keeping alive my belief in the value of knowledge.  

I was lucky.  I had some great teachers.  In my case, there were just enough to keep me slogging through the sand, crossing the desert to the next good teacher.  I made it to the finish line, when I learned to learn, when I could make my own oasis.

Know this.  You will not be forgotten.  

Everyone who has had a good teacher remembers him or her:  That person who made learning fun, and meaningful.  That magical person who opened the door, lit the lamp, opened the book.  That teacher who worked harder than the others, who wouldn’t give up on me, who “got” me, who was better than the others, who made me be my best.

Thank you, good teacher.  You know who you are.  

You are a maker of minds, a builder of futures, a keeper of the flame, a protector of civilization.  You are a good teacher.