Blogs News Reviews Writer Wins Blog Engage Gold Membership

Picture of Astrogremlin

Blogs News Reviews writer, Astro Gremlin, has won a gold membership award from Blog Engage, a bloggers community forum and on-line articles posting magazine.

The Gold Membership allows Astro to post articles, vote on the articles of others, and gain valuable backlinks for Blogs News Reviews.

“Owe this award to persistence, following contest rules, and of course generous contest sponsors,” says Astro Gremlin, “Award not for writing ability or good looks, alas.  Tremendous honor and encouragement.”  

The award was announced in a press release from Blog Engage.  

Astro was selected along with 18 other Gold Membership award winners.  The contest was made possible by sponsorship of Blog Engage Business Plus Customers, according to Blog Engage owner, Brian.  “Without them this wouldn’t be possible. If you haven’t already please take a moment and follow them.”

In his acceptance statement, Astro thanked his many online mentors from whom he learned the basics of blogging. “From Ana Hoffman, internal linking. From Gera of Sweetsfoods, CommentLuv Premium. From Rob Cubbon, he learned to change font of the site. From Hesham, Ileane, Blogger’s Alchemy, and many, many others, he learned of community.”

Posting articles and Interaction on Blog Engage already has positively affected traffic to the BNR site.  The Blog Engage community includes numerous active bloggers.

Astro has been a writer and product reviewer for Blogs News Reviews since May, 2011, soon after his arrival on Earth.  He claims to have developed deep feelings for those who have befriended him and apologized to friends he failed to mention.

“Humans have been so kind to me,” says Astro, looking upward to the stars.  “This planet has much beauty, some wisdom, and tools for good future if don’t screw up too much as we hurtle together around this star called Sol.”  

Astro credits Blogs News Reviews for giving him a place to practice blog writing.  “And excellent products,” he added.

Blog Engage continues to sponsor contests and free forum membership to all bloggers.