5 More Funny Amazon Customer Reviews

Photo of demon like toyMost Amazon customer reviews are serious and helpful.  Count the stars before you buy, and seldom will you go wrong.

But some twisted, talented individuals use Amazon “reviews” to make joke comments

Weird products such as the Parent Child Testing Product that politely request “make fun of me.”  Sadly, some of these older products are now unavailable.  Lucky for us, the hilarious reviews remain!

Click on the photos below to read zany Amazon customer comments.

Don’t forget to click on the customer images!

Animal Print Bench Seat Cover – Zebra Pink

  Stainless Steel Hip Flask (Pkg. of 5)

And 6 Flask Funnels 

     Parent Child Testing Product 


 $9,999 Denon AKDL1 Dedicated Link Cable


Zubaz Pants

How To Avoid Large Ships

Unicorn Shirt 

Hey, these reviewers go to a lot of work to entertain us!  Do you enjoy funny Amazon customer joke reviews? Leave a comment!

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