WordPress Tip #3 Only One Blog in WordPress

WordPress Tip #3: Only One Blog in WordPress

WordPress is set up to make only one Blog, that is, one collection of Posts. The main blog is set up to accept your most recent Post, and display it at the top of the Blog. You can’t make more than one Blog.

As Many Pages as You Like

But in WordPress you can make as many Pages as you like.  Pages are intended to be static, that is, unchanging.  A Page, well polished and with specific guidance to the reader, is often used as a “landing page.”  WordPress users commonly create an “About” page to orient the reader about the site’s author(s), its mission and topic, and links to sections of the blog.  Pages may be added to Menus, which you select and treat like a Widget, posting a Menu of Pages on a topic that might interest your readers, or any collection criterion you decide.  But Menus do not update automatically the way the Blog does.


If you want to make a Page look different you can change its Theme, that is, the set of computer instructions that determine the page layout, and available free from WordPress or from a vendor.  You will find a lot of talk about Themes, and there are many you can download.  But no one mentions how to set a different Theme for a page.  I found it hidden under “advanced” in a plugin called HeadSpace2. It may be elsewhere but I found it there. What is a “plugin” you ask?  See the answer in WordPress Tip #4.