Funny Amazon Customer Book Reviews

Looking for some joke Amazon reviews?  

Check out what the customers have to say about these two weird books.Book cover of Outlook for Wood Toilet Seats in China

From the author, “In order to estimate the latent demand for wood toilet seats across the regions and cites of Greater China, I used a multi-stage approach.” 

When I hear the terms “multi-stage approach” and “wood toilet seats” in the same sentence, my interest is piqued.

But it gets better.

“In particular, there is an assumption governing the shape and type of aggregate latent demand functions.”

When it comes to wood toilet seats “aggregate latent demand functions”  sounds pretty serious.  And it is!  

I you live in China, you may not have realized the magnitude of your latent demand or the likelihood that YOU may soon get a Wooden Toilet Seat!

The reviews of this book are lighthearted and funny.  

Click the graphic, check out the reviews, get the book, and keep it in your bathroom for those days when you need a little extra time.

Then, just when you thought you had every book you needed, along comes this blockbuster.  A Million Random Digits with 100,000 Normal Deviates

Savor the hilarious reviews and then enjoy your own copy of A Million Random Digits.  Read just one a day and that will keep you occupied for 2,737 years!

Bonus:  Includes 100,000 Normal Deviates.  If you’re a normal deviate, see if your name appears!

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Alt suspicious girl and suspicious monkey


7 Funny Amazon Customer Reviews

Photo of a horse maskAmazon customer reviews offer objective opinions on the good (and bad) features of books and products.

But did you know that some Amazon “reviews” are nothing but joke comments?

Here is a library of Amazon products with some hilarious reviews.  


Rated for being “helpful” by other customers, these Amazon product “customer reviews” are actually a comedy writing contest!

Amazon stars rating of a customer review

For these items, “helpful” means “funny.” If you have an Amazon account, you can vote for your favorites or add your own!  Just click on the images below and make sure to sort reviews by the number of “helpful” stars.  

P.S.  Don’t forget to check out the customer images!

Photo of Tuscan Whole Milk from Amazon linked to hilarious commentsTuscan Whole Milk

Photo of the Three Wolf Moon Tee Shirt a funny Amazon customer review classicThree Wolf Moon T-Shirt

Photo of the Wheelmate Laptop Steering Wheel Desk

Wheelmate Laptop Steering Wheel Desk

Photo of a horse maskAccoutrements Horse Head Mask

Photo of Uranium Ore

 Uranium Ore

Photo of a can of unicorn meatCanned Unicorn Meat

Photo of a Gigantic Swiss Army Knife

Giant Swiss Army Knife


Do you have a favorite funny Amazon customer joke review?  Let us know!

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