Funny Secret Agent Aptitude Test

Baccarat, the game of secret agentsAre you secret agent material?

Test questions – Do have what it takes to become the next James Bond?

Let’s begin:

1) Do you obtain more than 25% of your caloric intake from martinis and champagne?

2) Does your wardrobe consist mostly of tuxedos and bathing suits?

3) Have you slept alone for no more than two nights in a row since primary school?

4) Do you enjoy baccarat?  Are you able to explain the game to a layperson?  (Please use the contact form if this is the case.)

5) Are you able to drive a sports car at high speed, converse with a beautiful passenger, and operate an oil slick dispenser, all at the same time?

6) Are you able to make witty remarks with a laser beam aimed at your crotch?

Picture of a laser blaster


7) Are you incredibly lucky?  Are you lucky enough to fall out of a window, airplane or spacecraft without getting a scratch?  Can you win consistently at baccarat? (If so, please leave your e-mail in the newsletter form.)

8 ) Do you have complete contempt for authority and lack of concern about damage or loss of government property?

9) Can you hold your breath for more than 15 minutes underwater or in outer space?

10) Do you know what “banco” means?


That’s it.  Now to score your answers to determine your secret agent aptitude!

If you answered “yes” to all these questions, you have an aptitude to be a secret agent, also known as a “double naught spy.”  Go to the Secret Agent Training course and complete all exercises.

If you answered “yes” to more than eight questions you may still be a candidate for Eccentric Billionaire training.

If you answered “yes” to fewer than three questions, you have normal or higher intelligence and would not benefit from our training courses.

“What if I only got the questions about baccarat right?”  We are still interested in you!  Please leave a comment and stay in touch.