7 Odd Amazon Products

photo of a squirrel maskThere are some weird and funny looking products at Amazon.

Shop early for Halloween or just peruse these odd looking items. Some of the customer photos are disturbingly weird, too

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Unicorn Mask

Relive the olden days when unicorns roamed in abundance before they were hunted to extinction for their tasty unicorn meat. Be sure to  click the photo to check out the disturbing Amazon customer images for this one.

Lunch Lady Action Figure

According to customer reviews, this action figure is the spitting image of the lunch lady played by Chris Farley the Saturday Night Live sketch.  Since there’s only one Lunch Lady action figure, it’s pretty easy to collect them all.


Inflatable Turkey

Customer enthusiasm runs high for this item.  When you need a turkey fast, this is the answer.  Top Raman for Thanksgiving?  Be thankful your Thanksgiving table can still look the part with this delicious-looking bird.  Be especially thankful this item hasn’t gone the way of inflatable toast (see below).  Clean up is a snap.


Squirrel Mask

Shown here with a farmer get-up.  Do you feel a human-sized squirrel would wear overalls or go for more formal attire?  Tough call and that call can be yours.


Have you seen the little piggies in their starched white shirts? 

A greedy pig?  Right on the money for the 1% or someone who just wants to look the part.


The Town Nun Mask

Odd looking enough for you?  Ben Afleck fans will recall this look from the movie The Town.

Customers and the description claim it’s “extremely comfortable to wear.”  Glad somebody’s comfortable!


Inflatable Toast

When you needed toast in a hurry, inflatable toast was the answer.  Sadly, Amazon doesn’t know when or if inflatable toast will be back in stock.


So there you have them, 7 strange, weird looking Amazon products.

What is your favorite odd Amazon product?

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