6 Reasons to Be Extra Thankful

Photo of the number six for 6 reasons to be extra thankfulWe all have reasons to be thankful.

You may feel thankful for your family and friends, or for the health and abundance bestowed upon you and yours.

Ho hum.

As you sit down to a Thanksgiving feast or a regular meal of ordinary gruel, here is a list of 6 extra reasons to be especially thankful.

Be thankful because:

1) You are not part squirrel. Can you imagine going through life constantly concerned about finding nuts and storing them? Even if you were only part squirrel this would be a major obsession, consuming inordinate amounts of your time.  Your closets, pockets and car trunk would be full of acorns, leaving little room for all that other junk you save.

2) You are not an old timey pirate. Life was hard for pirates and their manners were atrocious.  Conducting even rudimentary business conversations would be extremely difficult if you talked like a pirate.  Even if you ARE a pirate, and even if you have a peg leg, you should be thankful if it was installed correctly.

3) Neither of your feet is currently on fire.  ‘Nuff said.  A real bonus in any social situation.

4) Your name is not a random series of numbers and characters.  Imagine being named named 6749%0#2993%?  Life would be much more difficult, especially when filling out forms at the doctor’s office or at noisy parties.  You would probably end up with a nickname something like, “That person with the weird number pound sign percent name.”

5) Your favorite program is not Petticoat Junction.  Self explanatory and something you should be pretty thankful for.

6) You were not raised by wolves.  Your family may not have been people you would pick out of a Sears catalog.  Then again, they beat the heck out of a starving pack of wild predators roaming the forest hunting for game instead of focusing on your educational and social development.  Had you been raised by wolves, behaving properly at business lunches would be much more difficult and marking your territory embarrassing.

So there you have it.  Six very good reasons to be thankful. Do you have a reason that you are extra thankful?