Cars Land Opening a First Peek

Photo of Oswald's in Carsland California Adventure

Cars Land, the latest attraction in California Adventure just had a “soft opening.”

That means a relative handful of visitors were let in to test the rides.  We talked to some.

How much fun is Cars Land?


 How much fun would it be to be a car?

Photo of Carsland

Luigi’s Flying Tires is kind of like the Teacups, except you “steer” your tire by leaning.  And there are big beach balls flying around.





The whole town of Radiator Springs from the Pixar Cars films is recreated, too.  The theme is gas stations along Route 66, the old southern route through the West to California.

Carsland photo

Tires and car care are the theme

Like a desert town.

From the perspective of a car.

Everyone is talking about how Cars Land cost Disney a billion dollars to build.  But it doesn’t cost a $billion to get in. 

 The biggest new ride is Radiator Springs Racers, a drag race through desert mountains.

photo of Carsland

 The scenery includes mountain and caves, the ride includes car characters in a dark section, and the ride concludes with a fast drag race with another car.

 Carsland photo Radiator Springs Racers

 So what’s the verdict?  Is Cars Land fun?

Reports from the first guests indicate that Radiator Springs Racers is a whole LOT of fun.  Luigi’s Tires is fun, too.  And the whole place is a great addition to California Adventure and Disneyland.


Photo of Radiator Springs

Yes, Cars Land is fun.  Almost as much fun as being a car in Radiator Springs.  

Have you been  to Carsland yet?  What do you think?