Leprechaun with a Gun

Picture of  a Leprechaun

Mixing leprechaun magic and hot lead, Leprechaun with a Gun begins his crimefighting career as an ordinary leprechaun. 

When people catch him to get three wishes, well, that’s just part of being an Irish leprechaun.  

But when they come for his pot of gold, Leprechaun with a Gun fights back.  

One Leprechaun.  One gun.  One beautiful girl.  Well, several beautiful girls.  

One peaceful glen.  One pot of gold.  Lots of bad guys.  Lots of dead bad guys.

Yet to be actually made, the film Leprechaun with a Gun does have previews.  

The critics are buzzing about “the magical superhero with an attitude problem.”

“Leprechaun with a Gun.  Really?  Dumbest idea for a film since Little Tortilla Boy by Pablo Francisco.  And what’s with all the shooting?”

                                                                                    – Leprechaun Film Daily

Worst car chase scene conceivable. A 1972 Pinto chased by a ’71 Gremlin, and a ’73 Vega.  Total resale value about $350. Note to director:  speeding up the film no longer tricks audiences into believing the cars are going fast. The climactic fireball rear-end crash appears to have happened by accident.  Magically moronic.”

                                                                              – Timmy Thompson, Autoswapper Free Flyer

Photo of three cars: a Gremlin, Pinto and a Vega
The Pinto (center), driven by Leprechaun with a Gun, gets simultaneously rear-ended by a Gremlin and a Vega

“The plot is flimsy, with the “pot of gold” sitting in the middle of a field.  Why doesn’t Leprechaun with a Gun just hide his pot of gold in a hollow tree like other leprechauns do?  The ‘hooligans’ attack in groups armed only with shillelaghs and pile up like clay pigeons in a shooting gallery.  Even Sam Peckinpah would have toned down the gratuitous shooting.”

         – Todd “Jack” McMahon, third-year film studies major and future Starbucks employee

“Promulgates negative stereotypes by ignoring accepted stereotypes.  Most leprechauns are peaceful gold hoarders who use their magic powers to grant wishes. Leprechauns are not easily-provoked, hair-trigger gunslingers who use an ordinary snub-nosed revolver to shoot hundreds of lightly armed hooligans.  Enjoyed the car chase, though.”

             – Clive St. James, Well-Endowed Professor of Leprechaun Studies, Harvard Community College

I liked it much.  Please follow me.”

                                                              – Tammy’s Popsiclestick Crafts via Twitter

 Image of Hat & Shillelagh for Leprechaun with a Gun

Don’t come to a gun fight armed only with a Shillelagh

Are you going to listen to some stuffy professor of Leprechaun Studies or buy into the enthusiasm of Tammy’s Popsiclestick Crafts?  YOU be the judge.  Read the script.  See the previews.  Invest in what could be the most controversial leprechaun film of 2012.  

Leprechaun with a Gun, the film, is currently seeking investors who aren’t hung up on “paperwork” and have PayPal.

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Tip of the hat cartoonThanks and a tip o’ the hat to the free Irish Clip Art Archive for shillelagh cartoon