Blog Brushfire: the Strangeness of StumbleUpon

In the past two days, a post on BlogsNewsReviews went quite viral.  

Well, the article went viral by my standards.  

Twenty times normal traffic came to my site.

I guess that would be viral in anybody’s book, whether your book starts out large or small.

Check out this graph of traffic.  My usual daily traffic until . . . whammo!

This happens with StumbleUpon.  Let’s call it the StumbleUpon Bump.

I’ve seen it before.  But what’s weird in this case?  I had already gotten the SU bump on this article five days earlier.  See chart below.

StumbleUpon does this.  They are so good at getting a new link in front of readers (in a category) that they seem to send them all at once.  It’s very strange.

I’ve seen StumbleUpon brushfires before.  They sweep through and never come back.  Well, a stray viewer now and then.

But for some strange reason, this brush fire took off again 5 days later, and burned higher than before.  

My baseline traffic is pretty meek.  This site gets about 100 hits a day.  The day the blog brushfire hit, it was 2,258.

Over two days, views came in from around the world.

Photo of globe showing article hits

I’ve experienced StumbleUpon duds, too.  Maybe I got the category wrong.  Just 4 hits and then done.  Good articles, too.  Funny ones.

What’s especially weird about this second SU brushfire?  About half the visits came from direct traffic.  

SU certainly got the fire started, though.

Great bounce rate, too. 36% with a decent Average Time on Page.  People were actually reading this sucker and then clicking on other stuff, looking for more strangeness!

93 clicks on Amazon.  To look at joke products!

photo of unicorn, horse and pig masks

Now it’s over.  

I feel like the most popular girl at the dance, back home now staring at my shoes.  Was is all just a dream?

What was the article?  7 Odd Amazon Products. A fine compilation of weirdness.  

But 20x better than everything else combined is pretty intense.

What’s the point of this post?  Not sure.  

But when a 20x reading comes in on any instrument, figure it’s worth reporting.

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