Subscribe to My E-mail List and I Won’t Send You an E-book

If you subscribe to my free e-mail list, I promise NOT to send you a free e-book.

Yes, many bloggers send you an e-book when you subscribe to their list.  I won’t.

It’s different when you subscribe to the  Blogs News Reviews Newsletter by clicking here




What is the bonus when you subscribe?

You get nothing free to read.

And frankly, it’s in your best interest.  

You don’t need something else to read.

You have plenty of junk to read already.  You probably have a few e-books already stored on your hard drive in your “downloads” folder waiting to be read.

You don’t want another free e-book.

Especially material about how to blog.  If you’ve been blogging for more than a couple of months, you’ve gotten all that stuff from somewhere.

Imagine receiving nothing new to read.

You could use the time to do something useful.  Or just to relax and stare into space.

Let’s look closer at the benefits:

Here’s What You Don’t Get When You Subscribe:

  • No tips on how to get traffic to your blog,
  • No advice on linking to authority sites,
  • No reasons why you should guest blog,
  • No lectures on the importance of commenting,
  • No soliloquies on the value of communityand especially
  • No summing up statement that you really should just settle down and write epic content.  

You get nothing.

You will barely get the newsletter.  Why?  

Because I don’t have enough subscribers to spend time e-mailing stuff.  I’ve sent out three e-mails so far this year.  I have about 19 subscribers.  

Ask yourself this:  What are the odds that this guy is going to get excited about e-mailing anything to 19 people?  That’s right.  You’ll be enjoying nothing for months at a time.

If I wanted to spam you, I would do it right here and now on this blog.  It gets way more hits than 19 people.  Every day.

What you WILL get:

You will get an e-mail once in awhile to remind you to check in on your buddy AstroGremlin and see if he’s written anything useful or mildly amusing on this blog.

Of course, here’s the RISK.  This could all undergo massive change if the list grows   

If I get 2,000 subscribers, I could start going nuts and marketing to you every day.  

How would you deal with that nightmarish scenario?  

Just unsubscribe.  It’s Mail Chimp.  They require that I offer you the option to unsubscribe.  On every e-mail.  You can handle it.

In the meantime, you get the sweet  gift of nothing.

Imagine the luxurious sensation of nothing to open, nothing to read, nothing.

Click Here! Now!  You can always unsubscribe later.