8 Biggest Workplace Errors

Photo of a spider named "Jerry"

In today’s economy (always a good lead phrase for any article, on any topic) a “job” may be a useful tool for obtaining money.

If you enjoy having money for investments like food, and happen to be among the few still employed, here are the 8 most common workplace errors.

1) Taking “talk like a pirate day” seriously.  

2) Hiding *anything* in your supervisor’s lunch bag in the break room (especially pet spider “Jerry”).

3) Sharing your favorite “I can haz cheezburger / epic fail” poster sites on company website. 

4) Scanning ANY body part on company printer and posting it on Twitter.

5) On a popular social networking site suggesting  that company CEO hides spiders in people’s lunch bags.

6) Using real name on a popular social networking site.

7) Claiming that you know 8 biggest workplace errors when you really only know six.

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