The Real Swiss Army Knife

 photo of Swiss Champ Swiss Army knife

Finally a meaningful use for the Swiss Army knife corkscrew!  

On theSwiss Army Swiss Champ Pocket Knife, the MINI-SCREWDRIVER is stored in the spiral whorls of the corkscrew.  See above the loose mini screwdriver with helical handle.  To see it stowed on the corkscrew, click link below, and see photo of the black Swiss Champ ).  

The micro-screwdriver, useful for fixing eye-glasses, is just one of 32 individual tools in the “pocket toolbox” considered by many as the REAL Swiss Army knife.

Swiss Champ features at a glance:

large blade small blade corkscrew
reamer Key ring scissors
tweezers toothpick metal file
fine screwdriver Phillips screwdriver 00-0 mini-screwdriver
chisel pliers wire cutters
wire crimping tool magnifying lens 8x ballpoint pen
pin stainless multi purpose hook wood saw
can opener with

  • small screwdriver
cap lifter with

  • screwdriver
  • wire stripper
fish scaler with

  • hook disgorger
  • ruler (cm + inches)
nailfile with

  • nail cleaner
sewing eye


  • Total tools: 32
  • Tool material: stainless steel
  • Handle Material: polished cellidor (red or black)
  • Dimensions: 3.6 by 1 x 1.3 inches (LxWxH)
  • Weight: 7 ounces
The Champ is not as slim or light as other SAKs.  Packing 32 tools into nearly a half-pound of stainless steel, the Champ is a handful!  
Yet that bigger handle is preferred by many (see reviews at the link below).

Bottom line:  When considering the Champ, the “extras” have to make sense for you.  

A basic Swiss Army knife, the Tinker comes with:
  • two blades
  • Phillips head
  • reamer awl with leather sewing eye
  • can opener/small screwdriver
  • cap lifter/big flathead screwdriver/wire stripper
  • tweezers
  • toothpick
The Swiss Champ comes with those basics PLUS:
  • the saw, with aggressive teeth now standard on pruning saws
  • fish scaler with hook disgorger, ruler
  • metal file
  • nail file with nail cleaner
  • scissors
  • 8x magnifying lens, capable of starting a fire in sunshine
  • ballpoint pen, able to sign large checks and contracts, or draw treasure maps 🙂
  • fine screwdriver
  • chisel, for carving grooves and holes
  • pliers/wire cutters, serving as powerful tweezers or a “speed wrench” for some nuts.
  • wire crimper, called the “hook thing” and misunderstood by many SAK users – used to bend the end of an electric wire, for example to install a switch or wall plug.
  • straight pin, stored under the corkscrew – it’s stainless so can’t be magnetized as a compass as some claim — but separates from the knife, bends into a fish hook
The urban or woods survivalist may not need every one of these tools on a daily basis.  But when you need it, it’s nice to know you have the right tool for the right job.
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