WP Menus Drag and Drop Not Working?

The symptoms:  “When I add items to my WordPress blog Menu, I can’t move them using the ‘drag and drop’ method” (drag and drop defined as: left click and hold, move mouse, let go of left click.  I know, duh.).

Has drag and drop stopped working on your WP menus?

What happened in my case: the left click and drag would cause the cursor only to highlight the title of the Page I was trying to move, but the Page module itself wouldn’t budge.  I could add new top-level menu items, but couldn’t move any menu items.  I could add more and more top-level Menu items, but couldn’t add or change the order of any of the Menu listings!

Without the WordPress Menus drag-and-drop function, WP Menus was crippled.

Solution:  A plug-in called Use Google Libraries.  It worked immediately.  I found the solution here and you can visit the page of the ingenious author Jason Penney.

Hallelujah, while I was writing this, I noticed that the Use Google Libraries plug-in also had cured another problem:

The HTML tab had been greying out in the writing interface.  That meant I couldn’t switch between Visual and HTML.  In my Profile settings (in the upper right corner, under the writer’s name) I was literally toggling “



Disable the visual editor when writing”on and off just to add HTML commands!  Pretty unacceptable.



So the Visual/HTML Tabs Were Crippled, Too?

Yes.  But the plug-in they call Use Google Libraries cured them both in an instant.  And I just found another crippling problem — setting a static page as home — was cured.

I can’t say this strongly enough:

Use Google Libraries the plug-in literally saved WordPress for me.

If you have had any of these problems,  I hope you find this article.  The Use Google Libraries plug-in is a miracle!

What causes the problems? “Some kind of plug-in conflict” is the theory — although disabling plug-ins didn’t cure.  And “experts” all over the Web were suggesting things like make sure Java isn’t turned off in your browser, and re-download all your wp files (neither of which worked).  Kind of nuts working with tools that break when other tools are added.

I may have mentioned this:  It really irritates me to keep having to fix my writing tools instead of writing.  See Is Technology Getting in the Way of Your Writing?

P.S.  The plug-in Use Google Libraries fixes another problem: the inability in settings, reading, to set a static page as the front page.

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  1. Just to say that I had this same problem and so installed the Use Google Libraries plugin but found that that didn’t help either. It did, however, point me towards investigating whether WP’s own JS folders had everything in them that they needed.

    This was after rolling back to 3.5 after finding that 3.6 and a couple of essential plugins for my particular site didn’t play nicely together, so I suspected that maybe the ‘restored version’ (simply an FTP upload of the unzipped 3.5 version *without* the wp-content folder, and after making yet more backups of files and database, just in case) was missing a file or two due to a bad FTP upload.

    That was indeed the case. It was all down to an incomplete FTP upload of WP’s JS files.

    Once I reuploaded to ensure there were no empty or incomplete WP folders, everything was fine. Pages were draggable once again within the menus section, and Screen options opened, and the dashboard showed flyouts on hover once more for Pages, Posts, Appearance, etc.

    N.B. The main thing to watch out for when uploading is to never overwrite your wp-content folder! Just leave that alone.

    As ever, make backups of everything (files and data) before uploading anyway, just in case.

  2. In oneof my sites there was a problem with the social plugins (FB, Twitter, Google +). I use Social Slider by Arscode. I deactivated it, made some changes to my site and activate the plugin again. Now it works properly, but every time I want to made some changes, I have to deactivate the plugin. Installing Google libraries plugin did not help.
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  3. This morning I had an issue with WP menus. Like you, I am fed up with conflicts with plug-ins. In fact, I’m going to invest in WooThemes and just use their recommended plug-ins for forms and seo.

    Right now, I’m going to dramatically reduce my dependency on these ‘mini-miracles’ because there’s too much in the admin for customers to modify and fix when things ultimately go wrong.

    I have just used the Use Google Libraries and I would like to thank your blog for basically saving my bacon!

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