Kicked Off of Google+

AstroGremlinI’m sad today because Google+ has asked Astro Gremlin to leave 

In all fairness I was offered the option to use my real name, as in the name I use in real life.  85 nice folks had added me to their “circles” and I will miss them.

Here’s my farewell post:

Well, Google has informed me I have to use a real name. The policy is not for me, so goodbye friends. I have enjoyed your company for awhile.



Here’s what Google+ wrote to Astro Gremlin:

There’s a problem with your profile

After reviewing your profile, we determined that the name you entered doesn’t comply with our Names Policy. Please edit the name on your profile and submit an appeal or additional information, if you have not done so already.
The Names Policy requires that you use the name that you are commonly referred to in real life in your profile. Nicknames, maiden names, and so on, should be entered in the Other Names section of the profile. Profiles are currently limited to individuals; we will be launching a profile for businesses and other entities later this year.
If you do not edit your name to comply with the Names Policy by August 20, 2011, your profile will be suspended: you will not be able to make full use of Google services that require an active profile, such as Google+, Buzz, Reader and Picasa. This will not prevent you from using other Google services, like Gmail.
We understand that Google+ and it’s Names Policy may not be for everyone at this time. We would hate to see you go, but if you choose to leave, make a copy of your Google+ data first. Then, click here to leave Google+.


I understand that Google+ has their own reasons for purging anonymous usersKicked off Google+

Unfortunately, not all of us are able to participate publicly as our real-world selves.  My over-the-top nom de plume and cartoon avatar telegraph pretty clearly that I’m not trying to impersonate a real person.  When my on-line buddy Harrison Li asked in blog comments here why I use a cartoon space alien picture, my reply  sums up my situation:

“Harrison, this is a real picture of me! Seriously, it’s nothing sinister but I try to keep separate my real life, where I have professional visibility and obligations, and my web life, where I share my most real feelings. When Astro Gremlin says he likes you, it comes from the heart!”

I think Google+ is great and wish there were a way for them to check that I’m not up to anything sinister and merely want to keep my real professional persona private.  But if my leaving is required to improve the Google+  experiment then I do so with sad enthusiasm. I’m still experimenting with my blog and understand that some experiments, such as allowing unmoderated comments by humans, can be overrun by human spammers.  Sigh. 

So my sincere best to the Google+ team and their efforts to make something new and good.  Let the experimentation continue!  AstroGremlin, for now, my means of online existence, will continue to write his reviews, ideas, and articles intended to be helpful.

If you are using Google+ make sure to use a real name!  Check out my (somewhat dated and now funny looking) article on how to add a Google + button.


The Cries for Help

The cries for help in keyword searches on your site tell you what people need or think they need. Answers like best Swiss Army knife can strengthen your site.

the cries for help, best swiss army knife, WP menuse drag and drop not workingThe cries for help in search terms coming into your site tell you a lot

People looking for information send out searches for what they need, or what they think they need.  I’m obsessed with why people come to my site.  The search keywords reported by Google Analytics tell me What path brought them here?  The keywords from the their search and what happens next tell a tale.  Quite a few come for the wrong reasons.  They don’t stay.  But other times I see that someone arrived searching for an answer to a problem and that they came to the right article.  The time on site tells me that they read my article and clicked on the link I know will help them even more. Yes!  This is very satisfying.

The cries for help can help you help others

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How to blog, what is a blog, why blog, what makes a good blog?

How to blog, what is a blog, why blog, what makes a good blog? Answers to your most basic questions about writing a blog, buying a domain, and just getting started

How to blog, what is a blog, why blog, what makes a good blog?

How to blog, what is a blog, why blog, what makes a good blog?A blog, short for “weblog,” is nothing more than articles on a website, typically in a reverse chronological order, something like a series of diary entries, with the latest at the top.  A blog may contain text, photos, videos, digital art, audio or music, in virtually any combination.

Why blog?

The answers to the question “why blog?” are as different as the people blogging.  Do you just want to write an online diary with photos for friends and family or do you hope to generate a side income with ads and affiliate links?  A blog can do the former very quickly; the latter will take you some time.  My objective was to try to “monetize” my blog, because having fun and making money is more fun than just just having fun.

What makes a good blog?

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