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Photo of apples on a treeWhy You?

All reality you ever experience comes to you through “the self.”  

That self, you, is improbable.  Yet the self is permanent. You are stuck being you!  Why you? An improbable series of events led to your existence and all reality, at least the only reality you will ever know.

You experience all reality through the self.  Only one self to a customer and you don’t get to pick.

You know that that there are other people, and that they have consciousnesses of their own. But you are never them.  You can and will change and the freedom to guide that.  But, like Phil Connors in Groundhog Day, you always wake up being you.

You are stuck being you.  Yours is the only consciousness that you ever experience.

Not Alone

Yours is not a unique condition. But the strangeness of being you and no one is nothing less than remarkable.  Perhaps you could have been Ray Bradbury, but you aren’t.  You could have been anyone, at least there are plenty of anyones around.  But we aren’t you.

A roll of trillions of dice came up . . . you.

The odds that the particular mix of elements cooked in a supernova would form our Sun and Earth were astronomically low. The odds of your existing — all the historical events that led to you — are much lower. And now everything, including the galaxies and stars and continents, are known only through you.  

Strangeness of Being

Your being you, at this time, in this place, in this self, are all so unlikely yet so specific and so permanent.  You will always be you, and no one else.  

Strange that all experience would be as personal as one’s fingerprints.

We each get just one conscious existence. You happened to get a consciousness able to appreciate what an astounding coincidence you are yourself and no other. Do you ever ask, “Why me?”

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